Aircraft Development

[Aircraft Development / Contract Manufacturing]
Transform the vertically integrated drone industry
into a horizontal division of labor
Deliver valuable manufacturing solutions

The greatest strength of VFR is its comprehensive service from development support, procurement, contract manufacturing, sales and maintenance.
We inherit the know-how of electrical equipment, automobile and aircraft manufacturers that have supported Japanese industry and realize product safety standards at the highest level.

VFR started as a subsidiary of VAIO, and our greatest strength is the mass-production development and contract manufacturing of hardware and modules, based on which, we provide a one-stop service for safe airframes that meet strict safety standards and peripheral devices and services such as drone ports, while incorporating the knowledge of DRONE FUND, that advocates a “drone and air mobility based society”, and domestic automobile manufacturers that have supported Japanese industry.

Mass Production Development / Manufacturing Achievements

Logistics / Inspection Drone “ACSL PF-2”

Drone port exclusive for PF-2 

In addition, we develop logistics drones in the progress of social implementation, inspection drones for special environments such as closed environments, and modules including PCB mounting.

Inheritance and Application

To realize the utopia of value creation

Drones are also known as “flying computers,” thus it requires extremely precise computing and robotics technologies for the development. We effectively utilize the advanced design and manufacturing technologies, the management capabilities of supply chains worldwide, and other skills that are cultivated in the PC business, and provide aircraft, components and related solutions with high availability and cost performance to drone users and drone business operators.



We effectively apply advanced design and manufacturing technologies, supply chain management capabilities, and other skills cultivated in the PC business to drones and  supply components and related solutions that enable drone manufacturers to provide highly available and cost-effective aircraft to drone users.



We are committed to applying the highest level of “monozukuri” (excellent product creation) to the field of drones, from design and development to procurement, integration, quality assurance, delivery, and after-sales support. Moreover, we provide optimal solutions through co-creation with drone operators, service providers, and end users. 



There is a mass production manufacturing base within Aero Corporation that handles the entire assembly process, from the construction of airplane structures to painting and outfitting assembly. They have inherited expertise in thorough quality control from the PC, automotive, and aviation industries, ensuring the highest level of product safety standards.

Problems to be solved Solution by VFR
Specification Design not considered
mass production
Optimize the mass production process based on drone manufacturing experience
Parts procurement Small lots make parts
procurement cost high
Utilize parts procurement know-how inherited from VAIO’s PC business
Cost reduction by common parts among multiple drone makers
Assembly Not having a system to realize
mass production
Realize stable assembly with drone assembly history
and dedicated factory and stable production by coordinating multiple plants
Flight test Difficulty in securing a place
to fly drone
Place for flight test where does not require reservations
Packing and shipping Lacking know-how to safely deliver
bulky products
Design appropriate packaging method for each drone of various shapes
Distributor Sales Demand does not reach to the mass production level Provide a configurator that can customize drones online
and information on subsidies/grants to promote sales as an agency
Customer Service Phone and email correspondence on individual level Manuals and FAQs accessible from a PC or smartphone
lead to quick answers in situations where immediate solutions are required