VFR Inc. Revamps Company Logo and Corporate Identity

TOKYO, Japan, Sept. 19, 2022 /VFR Inc.

VFR Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Koichiro Yuasa, hereinafter referred to as “VFR”) revamped its company logo and corporate identity (CI). In addition, the company’s tag line was newly defined as “ENGINEERING BEYOND”.
*The logo is currently under application for permission and will be reflected sequentially.

Background of the company logo and CI renewal

VFR creates robots to make humans happy from this generation but not to deprive humans of happiness and work. The company’s purpose is simply to extend human functions, and the company contributes to the society by preventing accidents from happening and increasing productivity etc. The company is building a mechanism to manage and guarantee important “parts” that affect the drone as a whole. In the end, connecting the reliability of each component achieves “eternal loop that promises safety and security to the people”. 
This time, the company has revamped the logo design and tag line to reflect the above philosophy.

About the new logo and tag line

Drones consist various parts. The logo adopts an octagonal symbol mark that imagines the connection between parts and the connection of people that occurs there. Also, the tag line “ENGINEERING BEYOND” expresses pioneering spirit of VFR who continues to move toward the horizon of new innovations. 

<About VFR Inc.>
VFR was established as a subsidiary of VAIO Corporation with the vision of “Opening up possibilities for people and society with our technologies and passion.” The company provides solutions for drone business, service providers, and end users, and also aim to contribute to building an ecosystem for the development of the drone industry by engaging in an open and flat dialogue with all parties involved in the drone industry.

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