VFR Opens a Webpage for Japanese Drone Port Displayed in 3D Images

TOKYO/ December 8th, 2022/ VFR Inc.

VFR Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koichiro Yuasa; hereinafter referred to as “VFR”) has launched a 3D model of “Japanese drone port, Drone Port for ACSL-PF2″on its website to introduce the product in depth. The “Japanese drone port” was developed mainly by VFR as a result of the “Take Off Anywhere” project and launched in February 2022.

■ About the webpage

Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, digitalization is progressing in various fields. By enhancing product information on the website, it has become possible to accurately convey the characteristics and goodness of “Drone Port for ACSL-PF2” visually without the need for customersto come to the company.

URL:Drone Port for ACSL-PF2 (vfr-config.jp)

■ Japanese drone port “Drone Port for ACSL-PF2

Drone Port for ACSL-PF2 is a drone port specialized for ACSL-PF2. In addition to the function of a “shelter” that protects the drone from any weather 24 hours a day, it is equipped with an automatic takeoff, landing, charging system, and an operation management system using LTE and 5G communication. Moreover, this drone port is developed and manufactured in Japan and possible to be customized according to customer’s requests.

Size:   W4125mm x D1650mm x H1180mm *Open
     W1900mm x D1650mm x H1180mm *Closed
Supported model: ACSL-PF2
Weight: 400kg

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